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    Sting Ray attack in FL !

    As if we don't have enough wild creatures to contend with!
    Check this out, 81 yro man attacked by sting that jumps into
    his boat in S FL!

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    Wow you guys got flying sting rays

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    Wow that is bizzare. I knew that they commonly leaped out of the water but I didnt know that they had barbs on the tail like the stingray that killed the crococile hunter.

    I have seen them many many times all over the world while scuba diving and never noticed that. So I did a little research when I read the article. It seems that they dont have barbs on the tip of the tail, they have some at the base of the tail.

    So the guy must have lifted it up, even maybe being careful to stay away from the tail not realizing the barb was at the base. That was his mistake. I picture bending over and lifting it up to his chest with 2 hands in an attempt to throw it overboard.

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    It's revenge for all of the stingrays killed after Irwin died.

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    its because of global warming

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    Quote Originally Posted by qbzonk View Post
    It's revenge for all of the stingrays killed after Irwin died.
    A local station here at first called on people to go kill them*as a joke*

    Then they prank called an Aquarium in jersey, and begged the lady who answered to let them negotiate a truce with the sting rays.

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