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    Proposal for the Future Racing- G.P. Classes

    Proposal for the Future

    About the G.P. Classes:

    We run the Ski G.P. Class and R/A G.P. Class at the European Championship in 2006 and it was successful for a first year, bur I still think that we will need a few years more to have the full power from this new classes.
    And of course we need to have the other parts of the world following this.

    I sincerely feel that our sport need’s to be more spectacular, of course not only for the people that love this sport, but for the people that see some pictures on TV or are spectators at races.

    In every mechanical sport there is always a “King’s Class” like the Formula one in car racing or Moto GP in motorcycle racing.

    These are the “Dream Classes” that attract the crowds, Medias and sponsors. Rookies are dreaming to be in these classes one day.

    They don’t exist in our sport and that why we have been turning round in a circle for years.

    The Possible Solution:

    We create a “Prototype category or G.P.” only for the best riders in the world, for factory teams and the genius tuners that we have already.
    This category must stimulate the technological knowledge and also the riders that begin in the sport.

    I think that when a young riders start in his first car race, he is dreaming to be Schumacher, driving for Ferrari.

    This category must be with a lot of freedom in the rules that will give a free way for the tuners:

    Maximum Capacity, minimum weight and maximum dimension and a maximum of freedom!

    This year we allowed to put any kind of P.W.C. engine in any kind of hull, even if the basic engine was not from the same brand as the hull.
    Of course the hull must stay in the allowed dimension of there own Division, following the I.J.S.B.A. rule book

    The problems that I See to day:

    At the World Finals I see “Novices” competing with the same “Super stocks” as the “Pro” and this is not normal, this “Novices” gat maybe 100 HP to match, and the “Pro can use 100HP more (If they have the right hull)
    One of the other problems with that is that today, the “super stocks” engines is too powerful to be in a Stock Hull.

    You can try to put a “Top Fuel” dragster engine in a stock Ford Taurus; it will be very dangerous to drive around the corners.

    Of course, for the homologation in this class we would require only one units to be produced, Ferrari doesn’t produce 200 units of his Formula 1 car every year!

    I know that a lot of people will not agree with my vision of the future, but this is maybe the only solution to break the circle.

    We try this at the European Championship 2006 and it works!
    No one accident in 30 races! (we race at 5 events with 3 motos at every event in two G.P. classes, total 30 races)
    The specialized press was very enthusiast and we did more as 85 hours of television
    Different Team and Riders from Europe are now working on G.P. boats for
    In fact, we want to stop the hypocrisy, make legal, what already exist in the past years: illegal hulls!
    There is no way to check deeply the legality of a hull just after a race, the only way is to buy a boat or ski from each homologated model, anonymous by a dealer, strip him down to a empty hull and take is weight.
    After the race we must strip the ski or the boats of the top riders and compare the weight of the hull with the weight from the OEM boat or ski.
    You can imagine that such work is not realistic after a race!

    It is not more expensive as Super Stock.
    I remember very well that when it was allowed to use “Modified” ski’s in the years that I was the tuner from Rius, a OEM crankshaft must be changed every two races, I ask a specialized factory to build a crankshaft with my own specifications (stroke and rod length) of course this crank was more expensive a the OEM one, but we did more as 30 races the year with the same crankshaft and we use the same crankshaft one year more on the back-up ski.
    Same thing for pistons and barrels and other parts.

    About the World Championship:

    There is no reason any more to keep the World Championship only in the USA, years a go maybe yes, but now we have better quality in organization, riders and media outside the states.
    It is not fair that non-Americans as to spend $15,000$ to travel to the states every year!
    We must have a kind of “World Series” al over the world, only for the G.P. classes and Freestyle, just like in Formula 1 or Moto G.P, and then we will attract the big sponsors and make our sport growing and Top Riders will make money!

    Yves Van Heers

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    you sure got a good point there.

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    I'm all for it. Post this on I'm sure it would be a fun topic lol

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