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    We need a "Jerry's difficulty rating" on MOD'S

    I don't know about you guys out there, but there are so many MODS you can do to the RXP now, new SC impeller, RR ECU, HD SC update, intercooler mods, Air intake mods, BOV mod, and on and on and on.

    What is missing for me is a couple of things in this equation.
    1. The logical order of modifications, and when to do them. What makes sense from a speed standpoint to do first, second, third etc. Also, many of us do not want to screw up the "warrantability" of our skis. It would be nice to have a sense of "If I do this mod, it will not or WILL void a warranty"
    2. Difficulty in performing these MODS. This is where the "Jerry's difficulty rating" scale could come into play. I have limited time to wrench on my ski, due to my job and two young kids. Having a sense of how difficult (Technically) a MOD would be, and a sense of how long it takes for the average wrencher to complete a MOD, would be very helpful.

    An example might be this (I have no idea if this is correct):

    Vortech Impeller:
    Jerry's rating(1-10, 1 is easy)
    Time to complete:
    4 hours
    Void warranty?:
    It might
    Possible other alterations needed:
    higher pitch impeller due to more RPM's
    Average backyard guy can handle this?: (1-easy, 2-if you have a bit of experience, 3-get some help from someone who is technical, 4-no way, 5-are you out of your f'ing mind? send off to a hop to do this one)

    When you do your write up's on these mods, tell us (to the best of your ability) how difficult it is for us to do, and will it void the warranty.

    Since almost every MOD out there is aimed at improving speed, maybe you could do a little write up of the order of the MODS in terms of "the most bang for your buck" speed gains .

    I have been modding and wrenching on snowmobiles for 25 years, and i have seen many people mindlessly do mods and then complain later that they had to endlessly tune their sleds afterwards. The gain they were looking for and paid good money for, just was not there because they either did not install correctly, or they did not know how to tune afterwards to account for the mod.

    Another important component to all this would be, in your write ups, tell us that if you do this mod, you will then have to adjust or replace______

    What say you?

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    This sound Like a great thread to me ! It would help out alot of us Rookies to the RXP also! Keep in mind alot of us are new to the 4 strokes!

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    Great idea Jeff.
    The only problem is saying what will and what won't void your warranty. It all depends on your dealer and what kind of relationship you have with him. I know of one instance where a gentleman with a heavily modded ski with a ported head, cam and all the goodies lost a clutch and had his oil pumps changed under warranty So it just depends.

    As far as how long will the mod take you its extremely hard to say. Skill levels vary. When i first got my ski I had no clue how to work on them. I did have previous mechanical background though so that helped. I just dove right in and now I do all my own work. Most of the bolt on mods we put on our skis are easy. I would think anyone with a basic set of hand tools and some good instructions could do it.

    As far as mods and what I recommend.
    The first thing I would do is to get more air to the engine. The stock intake is way too restrictive. You want to get your air intake out of the hot engine compartment if you can.

    You definately want to get a grate and remove OPAS. I personally like the Riva grate.

    Sponsons aren't a must if you don't race buoy's. Again, i like Riva sponsons the best.

    I personally use a wedge as i ride in only flat water. It gives me 1 mph more on my setup.

    You will want to either have your stock prop repitched by Impros to a 12/19.5, or switch to a Solas 14/19. The stock repitch will give you slightly more top end than the Solas, but the Solas more than makes up for it in the acceleration department. PPG does an amazing repitch of the Solas as well. The accleration is SICK!

    Getting rid of the stock exhaust hose and going with PPG's power pipe (unresonated) was good for 100 more RPM"s for me. Sounds great too!

    Those are just the simple items that you will want to do. To take it to the next level I would definately go with the Vortech supercharger impeller. The difference in acceleration is very noticeable. It will also give you some more RPM's on top.

    The next step would be an intercooler. I run the Rotax Racing intercooler with good results, but hear good things about the Vortech intercooler.

    Adding the Rotax Racing ECU will raise your rev limiter to 8500 as well as provide more fuel. It is also an easy bolt on. I wouldn't recommend using one until you have done all the above mentioned mods.

    Hope that helps!

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    I know you asked for "Jerry's difficulty rating", but Jerry is very mechanically inclined. I, on the other hand, started the modding process by learning how to turn a screw driver. So I will give you the "ham handed moron's difficulty rating" for the mods I have done: I'll use your scale (1-easy, 2-if you have a bit of experience, 3-get some help from someone who is technical, 4-no way, 5-are you out of your f'ing mind? send off to a shop to do this one)

    1. SC impeller: 2
    2. RR ECU: 1
    3. HD SC update: 5 (not technically difficult, but really easy to screw up - see number 11 below)
    4. intercooler mods: 2
    5. Air intake mods: 3 (mostly because of removal of stock intake)
    6. BOV mod: 2
    7. Thru Hull exhaust: 3
    8. Free flow exhaust: 2
    9. Power Pipe: 2
    10. OPAS block off: 2
    11. Removing engine to retrieve ceramic materials from oil pumps (See number 3 above): 5 but I'm almost done

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    So the thru hull you had to get help ?

    I was planning on this one for the winter.

    What part of it needs technical savvy. Seemed to me you just pull out the waterbox , drill a hole and then attach the tubes,billets,etc.

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    Kinchyle, remember, my scale is from the perspective of a mechanical idiot. I had some trouble getting the holes right so that the outside ring screws mated with the exhaust outlet on the inside of the hull. It helps to have a second pair of hands for this task. I rated any task that helps to have 2 people as a "3".

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    This is some great info thank you all

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