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    How to break In ?

    How do you break in a New 2 stroke engine ?

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    i heard your run it real rich by adding a break in oil to your gas tank then usally after that first tank i think your fine dont quote me on this

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    your suppose to baby it for a long time and vary the throttle as much as possible for about 2 tanks of gas, nothing over half throttle. you can add extra oil to the gas if you want but i never do.
    theres a million write ups on it, some say first tank-nothing over 1/4 throttle, second tank-nothing over half, third tank-nothing over 3/4, and fourth tank-nothing BUT full throttle. the first tank depending on gas tank size would take about a week if your lucky...................the others........not too bad. i usually do this but skip step one.
    some say just a couple hours of takin it easy will do the trick??
    never, and i mean never hold the throttle wide open on a NEW engine that has'nt been broken in. ive siezed more engines than i like to admit by gettin the itch and hammering it.
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