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    Thanks, Thanks and more Thanks all the people that helped Race Tech at the havasu world finals!! we had a great time and even won 2 world titles !! in no particular order......

    Jay Edworthy: for riding his a$$ off in pro and putting 110% in to the team. 7th place pro 1200 open even after getting hit and thrown from the boat in the second moto.

    Roger hortensius and his lovely fiancee Grace: for riding his a$$ off and putting 110% into the team. and to Grace for helping so much in the booth. 4th place amateur veterans 1200 open

    Dan and his lovely wife Joanne from jet draft: for helping us way above and beyond the call of duty. they even helped us tear down the booth and load the trailer on sunday and because it was so late had to settle for an in and out burger for dinner.

    Celio Venisius Olivera: for riding his a$$ off and getting two world titles on my boat. 1st place amateur 1200 open, 1st place slalom

    Jerry and the lovely Carey: for wearing my "rotax racing by race tech" t shirts in the riva booth...LOL(they didn't do it on purpose). also for being great friends and helping so much.

    Franco Dettori: for being an encyclopedia of knowledge on all things seadoo. also for sharing our booth and helping to make rotax racing and race tech a world force in seadoo racing. cheers

    My beautiful fiancee Amber: for enduring 72 hours of driving to havasu and back(we are still talking to each other LOL). for working in the booth 4 days straight and making it work when i had to run to do other things. also for fighting to get 2 weeks off so you could come on this adventure with me

    Jean-Marc from Easy rider: for helping pay for the booth space even though he could not be there because his wife is due to have a baby any time.

    Mike Farr (two2curupt): for all the help and getting us a tent for our booth and lending me your 4 wheeler the whole season! and of course being the lucky holder in nashvile.

    Mitch Newlin: for all your help, for holding when i couldn't and making rotax racing parts look so damn good with your great riding.

    just wait to see what we can do with another 100 hp next year. here comes the 4 stroke!

    if i left anyone out i am sorry and i thank you for your help.

    Mark underwood
    Race Tech/Rotax Racing
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    Good work guys and gals. Congrats on your success Mark. I'll be there next year, even if I have to pack myself in one of my patented crates and ship me out there.

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    Congrats Mark on everything that you have accomplished and will accomplish in the future....

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    Awsome job...Looking forwards to holding "and not in a gay way" the defending National Champion, next year @ Nashville...
    Hopefully we can get Bombardier to get off thier @sses and sponser the best riders out there...The guys that ride the XPL's and RXP's...More factory involvement is really what is needed!!!!!!!!

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    Mark, congrats to you and all your racers. And thanks for all the parts and support over the last few years as well. We definitely appreciate it.

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    great works marks congratulation

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