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    Can you have heat fade without RPM loss???

    I noticed a few times the ski did not pull as hard after riding 30 min. or so.

    After sitting for 30 min. or so it seems to pull harder, but I never see an RPM loss or loss of speed. Every pull is at least 70 mph and some are 71+.

    Everyone complains about heat fade but I just never see it in an rpm loss.

    Our temps get around 95-100 with a heat index of 115-120 and water temps around 90 deg.

    Also it did not seem to do this until I removed the antifreeze and went straight water/Waterwetter. I went back to the same mix of 50/50 and 1 bottle of waterwetter but it did not change anything.

    Could I have a trapped air bubble in the cooling system?

    Is there any way to mod the stock thermostat to lower temps and not buy the 158?

    I am going to the Evens coolant and will post results.


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    i have to agree.... everyone mods to get rid of heat fade.... i have NEVER seen heat fade that affected my RPMS.... whether it be 60 degreews outside or 95 degrees and 100% humiidy... i still nail 8100 RPMS everyday of the week....

    but like u said sometimes i feel like she don't pull as hard as others even tho my RPMs are there... 9 times outta 10 FOR ME this contributes to a SLIGHTLY worn wear ring...

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