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    2001 Virage 700 only has spark when spark plugs are removed from cylinders

    Hello to all. I purchased a 2001 carbed 700 Virage with the topend in pieces thrown in a box. The front piston scored up the cylinder. So I rebuilt the topend. I went to start it and the first thing I noticed was the clank clank clank sound when the engine is turning over. I have a 2000 Virage and it does not make this sound. So I thought something was wrong and stopped to check. I rotated the engine over by hand (pipe wrench) and no noise. Pulled the plugs and turned it over with the starter and no noise. So with compression it has the horrible noise that sounds similar to a yamaha warrior or raptor starter. So I went back to trying to start it. Cranked it over a few times and no hint of starting. Pulled off a plug wire and used another good plug that I had to check for spark and nothing. Voltage is low 11's on volt meter when cranking. Then took black box apart and checked connections. Everything looked good. Checked grounds, same thing. Each time I took a wire apart I checked for spark. I got tired of hearing the clank sound so I removed both plugs and I have spark. Tried it several times. With one or both spark plugs in the head = no spark, with both removed and no compression = spark. I even swaped batteries and spark plugs with my other Virage and same thing. When it has spark it is a good bright consistant spark too, not week. I am beyond confussed now. Is the noise related to the stator? Any help would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks, Anthony

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    Hey Anthony, Welcome to Green Hulk.
    The volt meter on the dash usually reads high-spark with plug out sounds like the battery is too weak, you need like 10.6v on a voltmeter while cranking.

    Noise while cranking could be from the starter or bendix-it could be causing too much voltage draw.

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    Thanks for the response. The voltage reading was from a hand held meter. I am very confident that it is not the battery since I took the new good one from my other Virage that started great before and after I swapped batteries. It also lives on a battery tender. I thought about swapping starters to see if that made a difference in noise. If the starter is worn out could it draw more amps and take power away from the cdi and it still show decent voltage? I am guessing that was a dumb question but just throwing it out there.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    I would hunt down and fix the clanking noise. You may find the reason for the no-spark-with-plugs-installed at the same time.

    Pull off the stator cover, and look for any sings of damage or metal debris. If necessary, pull the flywheel and inspect the Bendix and magneto stator.

    Also remove, clean, and inspect the battery ground cable. Remove both ends, and make sure the engine end of the battery negative cable really is grounding cleanly.

    Then remove and clean both ends of the red battery cable connections, and the red cable to the starter motor.

    Make sure the starter motor mounting bolts are in place and tight.

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    Well I took the front cover off and noticed that I could spin the flywheel almost a complete turn without turning the engine. Pulled the flywheel and the woodruff key is broke off. I can rotate the engine at the back by the pump and the front of the crank does not rotate with it. So I guess I am going to look for a bottom end now. I guess the piston seized and then it broke the crank. I also guess that when there is no compression it alows all the crank to spin to give it spark. This kinda sucks, no it really sucks me and my wife were hoping to go for a few rides together before the season was over.

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    The crank is broke right in front of the mag rod. Pulled the engine and took jugs and pistons back off. I can see the break from the top side. The metal shim is also broke in two. With no resistance on the crank it catches and turns with the rest of the crank. Put a little pressure on it and clank clank. Are these cranks pressed together at the rods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lubemaster View Post
    ...Are these cranks pressed together at the rods?

    Have a look at the exploded parts diagram

    Once you get the engine pulled apart (are you going to do the work yourself?), you can send the crank out for rebuilding.
    But you will need another crank snout section.

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