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    Polaris Virage Display Flashes. Please Help!!!!

    Hello everybody...
    I am having a problem with a POLARIS VIRAGE 2001.
    After running the jetski in the water for 1-2 minutes at medium to high trottle....the DISPLAY starts to FLASH and the engine STOPS.
    It does start back again....but does the same.
    Does anybody know what might cause this problem???
    PLEASE help me out fix this problem....Thank you

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    When the lamp starts to flash are you getting any other message in the MFD like "HOT"? Or is it just the flashing red lamp?

    Oh and WELCOME to the green hulk forums!!!

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    Bridge switch you have installed and see if problem exists still .I have yet to find switch which can handle vibrations of this machine .It needs only a fraction of a break in the signal and it will shutdown .



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