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    03 MSX Service Bulletin

    If your MSX falls within this range be sure to check with a dealer or Polaris and see if your engine alignment up-date was performed. If you think your craft has an excessive vibration it's a good indication the bulletin was never performed. I can't begin to tell you the difference once aligned properly. I hope you early Matrix guys have bought the alignment tools. As I recall they were not verified when built. If nothing else it's worth checking.

    2003 MSX 140 (W035303CA / B and W035303IA / B)

    PLE18985C203 / PLE19461D203 / PLE19462D203
    PLE20280F203 THROUGH PLE20287F203
    PLE22267J203 / PLE22369J203 / PLE22504K203 / PLE22752K203
    PLE22987K203 THROUGH PLE22990K203
    PLE23292K203 THROUGH PLE23333K203
    PLE23735L203 THROUGH PLE24198L203
    PLE24266A303 / PLE24976A303
    PLE24979A303 THROUGH PLE25015A303
    PLE25017A303 / PLE25018A303 / PLE25019A303
    PLE25024A303 THROUGH PLE25039A303
    PLE25041A303 THROUGH PLE25065A303
    PLE25069A303 THROUGH PLE25074A303
    PLE25076A303 THROUGH PLE25369B303
    PLE25371B303 THROUGH PLE25374B303
    PLE25376B303 THROUGH PLE25378B303
    PLE25380B303 THROUGH PLE25384B303
    PLE25386B303 THROUGH PLE25391B303
    PLE25393B303 THROUGH PLE25401B303
    PLE25403B303 THROUGH PLE25936B303
    PLE25938B303 THROUGH PLE25965B303
    PLE25967B303 THROUGH PLE25977B303
    PLE25979B303 THROUGH PLE26038B303
    PLE26040B303 THROUGH PLE26849D303
    PLE26852D303 THROUGH PLE26855D303
    PLE26857D303 THROUGH PLE26861D303
    PLE26965D303 THROUGH PLE26991D303
    PLE27009D303 / PLE27014D303 / PLE27016D303
    PLE27018D303 THROUGH PLE27943D303
    PLE27945D303 THROUGH PLE27946D303
    PLE27950D303 THROUGH PLE27966D303
    PLE27968D303 THROUGH PLE27970D303
    PLE27973D303 THROUGH PLE27978D303
    PLE27980D303 THROUGH PLE28061E303
    PLE28063E303 THROUGH PLE28256E303
    PLE28258E303 THROUGH PLE28261E303
    PLE28263E303 THROUGH PLE28272E303
    PLE28274E303 THROUGH PLE28276E303
    PLE28280E303 / PLE28282E303 / PLE28285E303 / PLE28287E303 / PLE28288E303
    PLE28293E303 THROUGH PLE28298E303
    PLE28301E303 / PLE28304E303 / PLE28305E303 / PLE28307E303 / PLE28308E303
    PLE28310E303 THROUGH PLE28312E303
    PLE28317E303 THROUGH PLE28319E303
    PLE28321E303 / PLE28322E303
    PLE28326E303 THROUGH PLE28332E303
    PLE28334E303 / PLE28336E303 / PLE28338E303 / PLE28348E303
    PLE28353E303 THROUGH PLE28366E303
    PLE28368E303 THROUGH PLE28387E303
    PLE28389E303 THROUGH PLE28449E303
    PLE28451E303 THROUGH PLE28457E303
    PLE28459E303 THROUGH PLE28470E303
    PLE28472E303 THROUGH PLE28475E303
    PLE28477E303 THROUGH PLE28479E303
    PLE28481E303 / PLE28484E303 / PLE28490E303 / PLE28517E303 / PLE28518E303 / PLE28530E303 / PLE28538E303
    PLE28540E303 / PLE28541E303
    PLE28549E303 THROUGH PLE28552E303
    PLE28554E303 THROUGH PLE28561E303
    PLE28563E303 THROUGH PLE28572E303
    PLE28574E303 THROUGH PLE28601E303
    PLE28624E303 THROUGH PLE28632E303

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    My MSX this in the list

    Hello Ph2ocraft greeting from Puerto Rico, my msx 03 is # PLE25394B303 and I see that this in the list that I must make to repair the problem or with dealer polaris

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    There should be a service completion decal on the air intake cover if the bulletin is completed, but we all know how that goes.

    Special Tools for the Bulletin

    2871036 Impeller Removal Tool
    PW-46593 Driveshaft Removal and Installation Tool
    2871343 Pump Alignment Tool
    PW-46592 Driveshaft Alignment Coupler Tool

    Needed Parts for the Bulletin
    1 5410818 Stub Shaft O Ring
    1 5410817 Stub Shaft O Ring
    1 5410819 Tail Cone O Ring
    1 7170107 Completion Decal
    2 3610043 Pump Seals
    5246894 Engine Shims as needed

    It's said that if your craft has over 5 or 15 hours (don't remember which) that it would be O.K. It's not O.K. you will have premature wear on those components and a better ride to boot.

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