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    I hate all companies

    Why can't people run their businesses properly?

    A week ago Monday I order a new battery online for her GTX....still not here. They were sure to bill us the same day, but never sent the tracking number. Two requests for a tracking number have gon unanswered...tried to call, but they don't have a phone number. Found a number for them on - an 800 number, no longer in service. If it's not here today I'm disputing the charge...stay away from

    I tried to get a new pair of sunglasses...I posted a pic of a set I liked in the sunglass/goggle thread....I ordered them Friday, yesterday I get a tracking number that they went out...only it's not valid. No biggie, probably not in the system yet. Today I get TWO more emails saying my package has been shipped....quickly followed by an email from their rep saying 'sorry, we're out of stock of that color - we can send you another color'. If I wanted another color, I would have ordered another color. Why is it so hard to put 'out of stock' on a website when you're out of stock?

    So now I get to look for another source for batteries so we can hopefully ride this weekend and a set of glasses...maybe I'll try Walmart tonight to see if they have something I can get by with.....

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    Try Meijer's, Autozone or Kmart for your battery....Good Luck!

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    Stay away from Walmart's "motorcycle/pwc type batteries", they only last 2 years with the utmost care unless it's an Interstate. That one will last 3 years. I've had the best luck with Yusa Batteries, 5+ years for a regular lead/acid cell Yusa. I haven't tried the gel-cells yet.

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    I'll probably run up to Autozone - just bugs me because I don't have time to run errands. I do 99% of my shopping online (my UPS driver gets a nice Xmas gift) because I just do not have enough hours.

    Update on the glasses - it seems they sent me the same tracking number each I tracked it's going to Plano,TX. So whoever you are in Plano - enjoy your sunglasses! :P

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