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    There is a company called Snow Performance that sells these setups for cars. You can get some significant gains and what that guys said is pretty much dead on. IMO no SC setup should be non-IC, but that's just me.

    The real gains come where you can increase timing due to the colder IATs. The problem I see in a pwc system would be the amount of time that you are in boost. The systems are boost activated, for cars this isn't a problem because you're not running around in the boost all of the time. Since most of us only have two throttle settings without knowing how much of a tank capacity it has you could run into a problem if you tune for it.

    But a 5% hp increase in an automotive setting is not uncommon at all.

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    I think it would work well for grudge races. Can't wait until someone tries it to a pwc. I'm curious. I know the world record 87 1200gpr from Outback had nitrous.

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