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    just something i do whan the coil packs get old an start to swell ..i remove the oem plastic and metal if nessisary ..then use 1 inch heat shrink .to seal everything up seems to work well

    this still needs to be shrunk i guess i didnt get a pic of it all done

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    Thats a great idea, well done!

    Could also smear some SIKAFLEX marine (Or right stuff) around the tube on both ends and then slide it on + heat seal it.

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    To be honest, once the shield has been removed, there would appear to be no logical reason to seal an already sealed item.

    One good reason not to apply anything is to eliminate any chance of H.T. tracking in the future.

    Keep that spark held at the tip, and no where for it to try to run..!!!

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    any one know what is the best setting(distance) for igntion coil tester is it 15-20 mm or 20-30 mm

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