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    DJSA - Series Race #10 of 12 - Sunday - Eddos Harbor, Sherman Island

    The DJSA Summer Series is down to only 3 more races, now being held on Sundays.
    Who’s going to Vegas as the series winner?

    Honda Rider Jake Prupas "Air Tahoe" has a slight 150 point lead over Rocket Girl Cheryl Biggs riding the Eco Water Yamaha.
    A few weeks back, Biggs was sitting 5th in the standings,
    but now she’s right there knocking on the door. I can almost hear her now…..
    “Move over junior, you ain’t going to Vegas, I am”
    (only with rocket girl, we all know her version would be worded a little more uh......colorfully…)

    Heard a rumor that Hole Shot Master Chris "03 Walker" might be in the hood to represent in the Super Standups with his Kawi. A 100 point win for him could bump him up the ladder into a solid 3rd place.

    Heard a rumor that Walkers fellow Superstand rider Cody “Bulldog” Frades is the proud Father
    of a brand new baby boy!!! Congrats Cody…Can’t wait to see the little guy in a helmet and
    wetsuit. Best wishes to the Frades family and "Team Coyote"!

    Heard a rumor that Modified Standup guy Austin Padgott just got married.
    Congrats to two special people. I’m thinking it’s a safe bet Team 510 isn’t going to be spending the honeymoon at Sherman Island, but you never know!

    Also heard a rumor that Supersit Powerhouse Honda rider Gary “Fire Hydrant” Crane has been taking care of those softball induced bruised ribs and might be venturing out this weekend to secure some points. We’ll have to wait and see. Heard another rumor that Gary was hanging out in the pits with Nascar Superstar Tony Stewart back in Virginia, but that one may not be true…...

    Last but not least, heard a rumor that Modified Sitdown dude Matt Ford has vowed to be in the top 5 of the series with his Seadoo when it’s all said and done. Matt has had setback after setback with his ski, but I think the 2 have finally come to an understanding....
    If it doesn’t break – they win!

    Matt has rocketed from 13th place to 8th, and if all goes well this weekend I think there might be 100 points on the board for team Seadoo!

    The math pretty much speaks for itself. The riders who have been coming out every week have been posting the points. The riders who keep their skis running have been posting the points.
    Take away one of those factors and the whole equation changes…
    The bottom line? It ain’t over till it’s over, and anything can happen in the next 3 weeks!

    On October 29th, the winner of the series will be receiving a weekend trip for 2 to Las Vegas, and will be staying the Signature MGM Grand Hotel. If you’ve never seen this place, you’re in for a shock, and all those entry fees will suddenly have become worth it. Its SWEET!
    5 - stars all the way around, for the 2006 Star of the DJSA series!!!

    Riders in the 2 to 5 slots will each be receiving trophies and $100 cash awards in addition to sponsor prizes and generosity.
    Riders in the 6 to 10 slots will be receiving trophies and $50 cash awards in addition to sponsor prizes and generosity.
    Wetsuits, Warm up suits, Gift certificates from the Sporting Edge and Inland Marine, Shade Tents, Year membership to Vessel Assist, (you’ll never need the marine patrol with that one)
    Handheld VHF Radio, Wakeboard, Home Entertainment Center, Dinners for 2… it all goes on the 29th to some very special racers who have worked hard all summer long to put the points on the board.

    We have 3 more races to go, but regardless of how it ends up, I’m proud of each and every one of you. You race safe, you race clean, and you race hard. In my opinion, all of you are true pros and you have my total respect and appreciation.

    This Sunday we’ll be at Eddo’s Resort on Sherman Island, making some spray on the San Joaquin River.
    Registration and practice starts at 11am.
    Riders meeting at 12:45,
    The first race will kick off at 1pm.

    Even if you haven’t been running the series, you are welcome to come out and have some last minute fun before the season ends. (Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but October 29th is the last day of Daylight Savings Time….. Get ready to have it start getting dark at 5pm!!! )
    Geeez I really dislike this time of year.

    Racing is $25 ,
    $20 if you’re an AWA member.

    Directions to Eddos will be on our site, but you can check out for more info.
    $6 to launch, fuel, beverages, and snacks available at the store, and some pretty cool pwc lovin people who think you guys put on a pretty good show!!! (Thanks Chris and Dawn)

    Any questions, feel free to call me.
    Hope to see you there –
    Let’s Git-R-Dun!!!

    (925) 719-7634

    Diablo Jet Ski Action
    Wednesday Night Series Point Standings
    As of 9/27/06
    Race 9 0f 12 Big Break Oakley

    J. Prupas 765 SF SuperSit Hon
    2) C. Biggs 615 Oakley SuperSit Yam
    3) C. Frades 550 Oakley ModStnd Kaw
    C. Walker 450 Pleasanton SuperStnd Kaw
    G.Crane 380 Oakley SuperSit Hon
    6) A.Padgott 300 Hayward ModStnd Kaw
    7) B. Mancini 275 Pleasanton SuperStnd Kaw
    M.Ford 250 Stockton Super
    Sit Seadoo
    9) ML Johnson 230 Oakley Super
    10)K. Samuels 200 Benicia Stk Stnd Kaw
    11) D.Raymond 175 Brntwd SuperStnd Kaw
    12) S.Kammerer 165 Elk Grove Super
    Sit Kaw
    12) J.Frades 165 Oakley SuperS
    it Yam
    13) C.Thomas 150 Elk Grove Super
    Sit Hon
    13) J.Curtis 150 Antioch ModStnd Yam
    14) J.Billings 130 Benicia StkStnd Kaw
    15) C.Holman 100 Tracy ModSit Seadoo
    14) A.Chattaway 100 San Jose StkSit Yam
    14) A.Trouy 100 Benicia Super
    Sit Hon
    15) R.Wirt 75 Tracy SuperStnd Kaw
    15) P.Bookner 65 Oakley StkStnd Yam

    1st -100 6th -35
    2nd -75 7th -25
    3rd -65 8th -15
    4th -55 9th -10
    5th -45 10th -5

    Just for info, race #11 on the 22nd will tentatively be held on the San Joaquin River adjacent to the Antioch Launch Ramp.

    The awards race on the 29th will be at the location where it all started…
    Big Break Marina…(We’re going to need the stage to put all the stuff on before we give it out!)

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    if you get a chance, can you give us a 2008 update? We got a few So-cal/AZ folks that are willing to travel for a race or two. We need to plan our trip north, and your input would be most helpful.

    It would be nice to hear what kind of races, as well. Maybe some of your racers will come on here and describe the courses and types of races too.

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    Djsa racing

    chech out

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