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    03 GP1300R Porposing

    Being new to this sport and buying the machine used, is it normal to porpose on calm water and if not whats the fix?
    I also have a FXHO which is rock solid and also much heavier

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    give us some info on your ski! (what mods it has, if any)

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    No mods at all. Stock machine quite fast but porposes.

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    Just a bit more information for us.
    At what speed does this occur and does it go away when you accelerate at that point? Have you changed your sponsons or rideplate at all?

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    This seems to be most evident at top speed. No changes were ever made to the machine it is stock and the sponsons are all the way up

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    First make sure nothing is hanging lower than your pump shoe. If your trim is working properly and this is still happening, most of us do what is known as stepping the stock sponsons. While you lose a small amount of top end speed, Stability is greatly enhanced. See if there are washers underneath your trim tabs as well and how they are placed.

    Front up- rear down. Hope this helps.Let us know how it worked out.
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    Ok I'm gonna sound ignorant for a moment so please bear with me

    Under the machine from front to back there are three parts.
    1.Intake Grate
    2.2nd part
    3 Last part

    Which is the shoe, now I went out and had a look at the bottom and the second part(true name unknown) is loose in the fiberglass and needs repair. What is the second part called and can this be the cause of the bouncing?

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    Step them sponsons. You will be fine.

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    The shoe is the recepticle that the intake grate goes into. Make sure the intake grate isnt flawed at all. Before anything else, if the loose part is the rideplate, be gentle with the torquing and check to see if the inserts are stripped.
    Ask questions here and research using search key above. There's alot of data and possabilities here but many here have done these tasks before and can give invaluable advice.

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