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    Question 04 HO need to go faster

    Hello gentlemen I have an 04 FX HO and my son has a RXP his does 70 and mine does 60 what if anything can be done so I can catch or at least put up a better fight with my son the little stinker.

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    Good Luck

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    What! Good luck, is that good luck that will never happen

    I also have a GPR1300 but want to sell it. I prefer the ride of the 3 seat machine

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    get an RXT or an Ultra 250, that's the fix.

    I've been on FX HO machines with Riva's RPM kit and velocity stacks and whatnot, it was still a dog compared to the RXT, and the supercharger for the FX HO is just the worst bang for the buck, lol

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    Oh crap not much hope there

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    Is his RXP stock? If it is you can get the RPM kit put on and it will help keep up with him or may beat him but only in the chop. Flat stuff forget about it, he will smoke you.

    The RXT will crawl away from you even with the RPM kit.

    Unless you want to put a supercharger on it there isn't much you can do.

    I would go and get the ultra 250.

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    Alright I get the point. thanks to all

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    put nitrous on it!

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    Detune your sons ski when he's not payin attention

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    ya disconect his supercharger

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