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    2006 f12x

    I recently purchased a 2006 f12x. I took it out in the water and it seemed to run great. topped out around 64, do not know what it should top out though. When i came home and flushed it out, it made a wierd noise toward the rear of the ski. Almost like a rubbing noise, only when i revved it. Sounded fine when it idled. You can't hear it when its in the water, only when flushing. Is this normal? Please direct me in right direction.....THank you for your help.

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    If it is a rattling sound at idle on the trailer, it is just the necessary slack in the male/female spline in the pump. If it is a scraping sound and the 'ski hjas been used a lot in the salt, it could be your pump liner has corroded and is squeezing the liner against your impeller. If you are worried, it only takes a half hour to pull the pump and check it out.

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