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Thread: Pump tightening

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    Smile Pump tightening

    When I removed the pump to pull the motor, I removed the nuts from inside the ski, never loosened the outside. Now when I put the pump back in, do I have to loosen the outside nuts , or can I just torgue the inside. Whats the proper procedure? 92 sl650. Thanks, Jerry

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    Just torque the bulkhead bolts on the inside. Be mindful of the o-rings for the siphon tube(s) and water tube.

    Keep in mind that an engine alignment will be need whe re-installing.

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    gerhand44. if your goin to replace the wear ring, the newer style ones are a hell of alot simpler to put on. Because you dont have to mess around with those stupid studs , just slide the housing on an screw on 4 bolts an bada bing.

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