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    What would you like to see in a Dealer??

    Hi gang! As many of you may know, I'm with Surf & Turf Powersports here in Lumberton, NJ. I just wanted to get a quick opinion of the core entheusiasts (sp?) (you ), what you would like to see in a dealership? I'm trying to take our service & parts dept. to a new level, and was looking for some good input. We want to be the #1 choice weather it be the purchase of a new unit, any part you need, or world class service. It's a tough task on my end, but maybe with some of your help I can take the dealership experience to a whole new level.
    As a little side note, we are NJ's largest Can-Am ATV dealer, if your'e in the market for one of these incredible machines, keep us in mind. Thanks in advance to Jerry for letting me post this little "survey", hopefully we can all benefit from the end result.

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    honesty.....i would love my dealer to be very honest and stand behind everything they dealer is a huge rip-off and i dont even trust not too far from cherry hill(since i live around philly) maybe i can make u my new dealer lol

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    service personnel (sp?) who actually know what they're talking about. Now, obviously the most knowlegable people cost more money, or strike out on their own, so dealers can't always afford/retain skill. So, finding people who are willing to LISTEN and LEARN, even if it means from a customer who may know more than them. Oh, yeah....honesty.

    I think a universal similarity that people like to see is people who actually care. People behind the counter who really want to help you with your issues and aren't just counting down the hours till they go home. Oh.....logic and reasoning would be nice to see too. I HATE when the answer is, "because it's our policy." We all have policies set in place as guidelines but those of us who actually care and use logic routinely, if not daily, break policy to make solve problems.

    Making everyone happy is not possible, I know that. And, you get people trying to scam/take advantage of you frequently, I'm sure. Just don't let the crappy people drive you into defensive posture every time someone walks in the door. I hate when they think you're lying to them before you even say a word. You can just see it in their eyes and body language.

    sorry for the rant.....recent experiences.

    good luck

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    My 2 cents

    Mind you I am basing this on my personal experience with one particular dealership.
    A knowledgeable and courteous service dept staff.It is a shame (and a blessing as well) that our buddies here on this website know more about our pwc than our local service depts.We pay a lot of money for our crafts,and also for service.Also,I feel that dealers should be more involved in the promotion of our sport.Sponsor local rides,gatherings,clubs and the like.A little effort would go a long way and certainly wouldn't hurt sales.Carry more pwc related merchandise,and sell it at a reasonable price.

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    1. Quick, dependable service. It shouldn't take two weeks to get an oil change.
    2. Qualified, highly-trained, friendly staff. That means everyone in the shop, on the sales floor and in the offices. Keep THEM happy and they'll keep the customers happy.
    3. Deliver what you promised.

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    I would like to see communication skills. The shops that I deal with here don't seem to know how to communicate or talk. They need to know everything about a product. Attention to details. When I need a part or something I would like for them to call me as soon as it comes in, not me calling them to find out.

    Service, when you buy something brand new and its something minor I shouldn't have to wait a few weeks for it to be taken care of and I should not have to take care of things myself. And before they let you walk out with a product they should give it a close inspection to make sure that all is well. ( parts loose, pumps, handlebars, mirrors etc )

    Selection, I know the dealerships can't carry every type and color that manufactures offer but they need to have more of a variety or at least have better info and pictures available to look at. I hate looking at something in a photo and then get it in real life and it just doesn't look as appealing as it did in the photos.

    Honesty, Honesty, Honesty. Getting to know people at the dealerships really helps out in the honesty department. I can't tell you how many times they have told me that they only have this one. When in fact they have the model or color I'm looking for out back and they are just too lazy to put it together.

    I know its a business and they need to make money, give me a deal for cryin out loud. The dealership here marks things up $600 -$800 more than the MSRP. They say the first scheduled maintenance is free. Whoo hoo. If you have a customer that buys products and buys new machines every year make some money but not all your money off of me.

    Why do I put up with it. Cuzz its the only dealership around. I don't want to drive hundreds of miles away for service and parts and etc..........

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    1. Honesty is number one.
    2. Customer service skills for each and everyone working at the dealership.
    3. A clean shop.
    4. Decent prices, now days you are competing with the Internet. The way it is.
    5. Listen. There are times when the customer has more knowledge of the product than the sales person or technician. Listen to that customer, you may learn something.
    6. Don't give unfounded advice or options.

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    umm i think they covered most of it LOL quick ? hey bert were do you take your ski?

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    4 may know I work part time in a Seadoo dealership on Long island as well. There was a period where the problems of the 4-tecs were beginning to show their ugly faces, and we both know getting those red letters on Bossweb sucks when parts are on back order...

    so one way to keep customers happy is like these guys said, turnaround time, but quality work. If they know more than you, cool.... listen to them and learn. If you know more than them, save the old parts, explain to them what happened, here is the bad component, we didn't screw ya, here's what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

    on a further note about turn around time, you gotta coerce whoever is in charge, or that may be you... stock lots of parts! the common things... we have like 50 wear rings in stock all the time, props, oil pumps, PTO covers, shelves of clutch kits, and we always maintain one quantity of other radom parts just in case, when it gets used, we order another one... but defintiely learn BRPs part department and which components are seemingly always on backorder and stock them so ur never caught in a crunch telling the customer sorry but it's on back order for a month... as much as you tell the customer that it's BRPs fault, they'll still hate you for it.

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    In addition to what the others said, I would say EMPOWER your employees!

    Let THEM do what is right, let them make customer service decisions that are in the best interest of doing the right thing.

    ALso take care of customers who bought their SeaDoo from your dealership. Put them ahead of others that did not.

    Get realistic turnaround times for standard work. If you miss that deadline, then offer something to the customer other than, "oh sorry"

    Communicate with customers when delays happen, or if you get done earlier than expected. If you expect to pick up your ski on Friday afternoon, there is nothing more angering than when you get there and they are not done.

    Go to bat for the customer with the manufacturer. There are too many dealers that simply say, "well they will not warrant that...."

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