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    TTT any updates Tament?

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    Yea, I got the whole patched, got the ski started, but botched on putting the head back on, so when I started the engine, the rear piston rings failed and distroyed the piston, scored the sleeve, and damaged the head, so I'm F'd.........working on getting a new head or will just order a rebuilt one from SBT....will see how the funds flow.....It was fun working on it though....Just did not have the patients needed for putting the cylinder on so the ring may have been damaged or bent when putting on the cylinder.....the cylinder slipped a couple of times when I was putting it on and pressed against the ring.

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    Hi. Did you ever figure out the beep? I put my lanyard on and it beeps twice. When I hit the start button the motor kicks for a half-second. Literally sounds like just for like a second it sounds like it is just going to start trying to turn over and then nothing followed by 1 beep. This thread about the beeps kind of steered into different directions so I was wondering if you found the cause to yours

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    Two short beeps is what you want to hear when plugging in the lanyard. If you get one long beep after trying to start, then usually a power loss, bad connection, high resistance, low battery. Communication has been lost between the lanyard and mpem.

    If you only get one long beep when plugging in lanyard, then wrong key or no communication to mpem. Sometimes just a poor connection to DESS post. Salt corrosion, or rusty surface. Bad DESS post.

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