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    Need a few things..

    I just sold my XLT and trailer, so I need a shop dolly or cart to hold my GPR. Also need a speedo sending unit for an XLT or GPR.
    Will pay cash, thanks guys!

    P.S. also need a davit sling or whatever is used to lift the ski off the trailer.
    My e-mail..
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    Rob this is from some time ago but this is a great deal on a dolly and it was only $17 shipped to my house. roll it behind the ski and slide the ski off the trailer right on to it easy I can do it alone.

    from the how to section

    I took the easy route and purchased one $140 + $17 shipping to my house. I am in manufacturing and have built many many things. I was considering building a stand and even sketched some ideas. I wanted steel for the strength and life span I had also considered aluminum extrusion for weight. after calculating materials and hours to make I found it much cheaper to purchase. I found this on ebay 455

    The seller Pat Lavoie also has a website

    stand arrived today took 15 minutes to assemble 5 minutes to put ski (gp1200) on and move into garage by myself. all I can say is I could never had built something this clean and tight for $140. Packaging was great all pieces preassembled (didn't have to count washers) easy to follow instructions. The shipping charges ranged from $15-$45 US so $185 max delivered. I live close within 50 miles I had mine in one day fedex ground "My hats off to Pat for a great product at an afordable price"

    by the way do not leave those PVC stands in the sun it will deteriorate the plastic make it brittle and you will find your ski on the ground someday.

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