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    Fuel Octane Boost?

    I know that a higher octane fuel is prescribed in these machines, but what will additional octane do (i.e. octane boost additives)? Any adverse effects?

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    Too much octane will actually generate less horsepower from an engine. You want to run as much octane as required to prevent detonation and pre-ignition, but no more/no less.

    If you want to be bored for a while read this :

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    The octane issue has been discussed before. (Riva archives). One point of fact - octane boost will make bad gas a little better, but it doesn't really affect good "higher octane" gas. Most of the time the "bump" in octane is due to the addition of alcohol and other additives. I read that if you want to try higher octane to try a 50/50 mix between super unleaded and race gas. Here's a good link:

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    There are only 2 octane boosters available in the US worth a damn - NOS brand and Amsoil. Unless you mix your own Toluene (sp), all of the others on the market are junk.

    I have the test results at home somewhere that a lab did on actual RON improvements.

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    Interesting Discussion on Octane

    Loved reading the indepth article on Octane. Found out some interesting things about gas and diesel engines that I did not know. On a followup question: Does all of the same information apply to 2-stroke engines?

    Currently, I have a modified '94 raider with a compression ratio of 180-PSI. I was told that I needed to run a mix of race gas (104+ octane) and premium. I've actually run with premium only for the last few years with no issues.

    Curious on how knock occurs with a 2-stroke.......

    Great site by the way........ and as my name implies, I think I'm turning to the dark

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    Octane boosters and 2strokes generally don't play well together. It's second hand information, but I am told there are issues with piston wash.

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    Yes piston wash changes with the addition of the octane boosters.
    It actually changed my color from brown to brown/red color.

    I started mixing av gas to the pump gas and it worked well mixed 50/50.

    Years ago it was under $3 a gallon which beat the $6-7 for race gas.

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