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    Cold weather gear

    Whats the best type of set up for cold weather gear? Ive never used or purchased any before so i have no idea whats good. I want to be able to ride longer then just 3 months out of the year. Im thinking some type of helmet and a drysuit? Any input will be appreaciated

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    Drysuit with the booties built in and a helmet and gloves!
    Thermal underware with sweats underneath!

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    ...and if you can't find another nutcase to ride that cold and watch your back, please get floatation device that keeps your head above water if incapacitated. Mustang survival makes some pretty solid gear.

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    For around here we just use a 3/2mm wetsuit,Gloves and shoes
    You might want to get a ride jacket.Slippery makes them and i know
    Jet pilot use to. I think im gonna invest in one of those. Dont know how long you plan on riding but we usually go to the end of Oct. and start in march and ride with this kinda gear and have no problem keeping warm..
    I think a helmet is a little extream.Maybe just a stocking cap for those 50 degree days..

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