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    Oil alarm coming on

    Happened twice now when riding in rough water. Oil alarm comes on. Oil level is ok at 1/2 way mark. Turn the boat off then back on and all is ok.
    Any thoughts?

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    Have you blown a clutch in the past? If so, did you clean out the oil pumps? If not, that might be the problem. Same thing happened to me after blowing a clutch (or two).

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    also how rough is the water ???.. I personally run my oil level very low i basically bring it to the point where the alarm goes off then i add a lil lil tiny bit .. now i notice when im rididng in very rough water that my alarm goes off i looked into it and found out its just the oil slushing around and the sensor is picking that open area up because it is so low id say it happened to me about 5 times now but never on glass or mild chop ... try adding a lil tiny bit of oil ...

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    I also had mine come on a few times after after loosing a few clutches and not cleaning the strainers. oil was at the right level, but it would only do it jumping wakes .

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    Thanks for the replys. I run the level half way or slightly below. Alarm does not come on in smooth water or light chop, only heavy chop or large boat wakes. Has only happened twice now. I'll try adding a little more oil. Have not had any clutch problems yet. 15 hours on the stock clutch set at 10.75 lbs to slip. Changed to the Rotax heavy duty clutch/shaft @ 15 hours and now have 20 hours on the Rotax clutch. Knock on wood. Sounds like it is nothing to worry about.

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    I had the alarm once too, and oil level is fine and never changed any clutches yet

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