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    What would be the ULTIMATE runabout?

    Hydrospace, an Austrian company, decided to release the ultimate stand up'

    It's a turbocharged 750 twin 4 strokes, 163hp (the same Webber MPE motor as the MSX 150), a titanium pump, a steering that makes UMI look cheap, weighs 11lb more than an SXR thanks to exotic materials, runs on pump gas.

    MSRP 19450$.

    What if someone decided to make a runabout following the same concept?

    Personally, I wouldn't mind:

    XPL style hull, that's a given.
    A naturally aspirated V4 (lower gravity) around 1300/1500cc, pushing a reliable 200 hp at 14/15000 rpm.
    A CVT (Continuous Variation Transmission) to correct the engine RPM (drag bikes have them, the system is around 15lb.
    Billet aluminum steering.
    a Magnum Pump (duh).
    A lever activated trim system.
    450 lb dry weight.
    A GPS based instrumentation.

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    PS: I know Liquid and Bling will say "MY RXP"...

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    I don't know about the V4. Just think of the extra weight of 2 heads (unles it was a narrow angle job like VW), twice as much timing chain and gears , two heavy exhaust manifolds.....
    An I4 would be the better choice laying flat like what BMW did on their bikes. Low center but it would be wide.

    Got my first post out of the way.

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    Honestly, and I know there's someone that's been trying to get a system going on a PWC, but I foresee the rotary as being a good application to this industry. At just 1300cc and turning 255 horses with a sequential twin turbo, well that would be PWC friendly, wouldn't it? I think this would out rev a V motor.

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    The rotary would be the ultimate power source, light, compact with tons of potential but I don't think it will ever happen.
    Mazda is the only one playing with the Wankel (even though many other BIG car makers hold the patten) and they are having a hard time meeting the emissions as it is.
    The rotary would take many hours of abuse, they love to rev and are child's play to rebuild but since they do burn oil similarly to a 2 stroke the echo bombers would have a field day.
    Best of all is that you don't need a turbo to get 250+ reliable HP out of a 13B.

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