China's play is ...To let North Korea make an a$$ out of themselves.International Community "pleades" to china for decisive intervention.China agrees only if the IC agrees to look the other way.China mobilizes army to NK borders & despatches the navy to east & west of 38th parallel(to stop NKs chess move to strike SK & to "shore up" the complete blockade of NK) Now..China MUST convience the IC that it has no ambitions of invasion of SK. IC allows the blockade without debate or direct intervention. Logicly.. SK mobilizes there military to secure their border.China assures SK of their intentions & solicits SKs participation in the blockade.SK declines,but is "flattered & pacified" by Chinas overture.China starts there propoganda campaign towards NK. China has all the tools now for a coup d'e'tat..It succceeds with "fewwest" shots being fired.China now has aqquired NKs resources & its X amount of coastline of statigic location.North Koe...

Hold on folks..gotta re-charge

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Ok...I'm back What was I blabbing about?

Oh yeah thats right
North Koreas "nuclear nut" has been removed & a more stable form of goverment been put in its place.SK & NK start having trade talks.China becomes the internatonal community champion in this particular instance


So ..Lets hear your chess move..on any particular subject

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