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    Took the SLX out after the carb rebuild and this is how it went. Funny story

    Ok, so I have been in the process of refurbishing the fuel system (carbs, fuel line, etc) on the SLX 780. Wel lI finished it up yesterday and today was perfect to get it out on the lake. We pulled up and launched the SL (for the wife) and I fired up the SLX. I let the both warm up and then took them over to the beach and got the kids ready so we could ride. Once we made it out of the no wake zone I eased into her, and things just weren't right. It was not running smooth at all, and seemed to have a miss. I gave it a little more and BAM, she shot out of the hole like a rocket. It scared the crap out of me! What I noticed is that is ran like crap under 5000 RPM, but once it hit 5 grand, hold on. I knew this was not right so I went back to shore and pulled out the manual to check the carb settings. When I took the seat off there was a real strong odor of gas, so I thought it was loading up. I leaned out the low side a bit and things got better. I kept farting around with this for about an hour. It still did not have the midrange I knew it had. While I was sitting there I looked at the bottom of the ski and saw alot of liquid, which I thought was water, well no, it was fuel. I was freaking out at this point. I started looking everywhere with my little mirror and running my hand over all the lines. Right about the time I was ready to load her up I noticed that the fuel return line was not hooked up! Bone head me forgot to hook it back up when I put the carbs back on. That is where all the fuel came from. I pushed it one, tightened the clamp, and set the needles to factory settings and took her back out. It was a different ski. It shoots out of the hole like it is supposed to, and you have GOBS of midrange. Now I know that the MFD speed means nothing, but I hit 62 on the SLX and I think 54 on the SL. The SLX is actually smoother that the SL by far, but also will scare you. I rode it HARD for about an hour and everything is perfect.

    Thanks everyone for all the help.

    P.S. I have more videos to post soon.

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    lol, Ive got that beat. Once I couldnt start up my ski. So I spent about 20 minutes or so trying to figure it out (checking connections, spark, etc). As it turned out I forgot to put the lanyard on the kill switch

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    Congrats!! Great machine when we get them all hooked up. I went through the same process and went to start up and wouldnt start up. I had forgot the lanyard. Still wouldnt start and after an hour of working, I realized the fuel valve knob was off. I felt like a dumb butt!!

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    I have done the lanyard goof a few times.

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    I will always keep my boat tied to the trailer back her into the water, remove the seat and check for leaks after a repair just to be safe.
    You're very lucky you didn't get a stray spark and ignite that fuel sitting in the hull, could have been bad news...

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    I know I got lucky. I checked for leaks but it was only when you added alot of throttle is when it leaked.

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    Reminds me of my first and second trip into the water after my rebuild. The first time I put it in and jumped on, then I remembered I hadn't installed the drain plug. By time I went back to the house to get it (I live on the water), it had a LOT of water in it. I had to pull the plugs out and clear the water out kind of flooding. Of course, I had launched it with the riding mower which could not pull it back out when full of water so I had to jump through hoops to get it out. While draining it, I noticed the water looked a bit oily and wondered about it since I had degreased it.....

    Got it back in the water, I was checking for water leaks and found that one of the carb return lines (the in-series short line) was spraying fuel. It was fairly tight but the new blue (smooth line) and the brass plug that came with the carb kit just didn't seat well. I ended up reinstalling the old line and have been leak free (water and gas). My simple oversights ended up causing me a whole lot of extra work, but I'm not complaining since the sinking helped me find the fuel leak and avoid a possible explosion. Ah, the little things....

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