I have a 2002 Kawasaki Ultra 130 1100di

Origionally all my testing led up to The EMM being bad

I tested it with the kadiag software and wire and it read code 15 checksum error which basically means the EMM is bad

I sent the EMM off to DFI Technologies and they determined that the EMM is good.

I re-installed the EMM and still had no spark. did more testing and looking and realized the shop who worked on it previously removed the stator and it was missing. So I installed a brand new stator and still NO SPARK and now the kadiag software will not communicate with the EMM!!! Which is really frustrating!

I seldumly get speratic spark
I have brand new spark plugs in the ski
I have good compression
the battery is good and has good cranking volts
I have good resistance readings from the stator, the crank position sensor, the temp sensors, the throttle position sensor, etc
I tested ac volts from the stator and they check out
I tested the ignition coils and wire and caps and they are good
I have good ground everywhere in the ski
I have good connections at the battery
The fuses are good

The only thing I can think of is the wiring harness or the kill switch

I messed with the killswitch and even tried another used one and got some spark and go the computer to comunicate speraticly but Im not sure if that is just coinscedence

Any input would be appreciated I need help with this ski it is costing me too much money and time!!!!

Please help