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    My RXP vs the kawi 250

    Well I was going to wait and do my mods slowly over the next year. That has come to drastic end with the release of the Ultra 250. I need to get aggressive with the mods and be ready to go in the spring. I know the kawi guys are going to be coming for us. If I wait to start in the spring then it is going to be to late.
    I just got my Riva thru hull with the new pipe. Now I have to order IC and supercharger kit. Still deciding on the RR impellar versus the " B kit".I also have the RE blockoff's,Riva high flow hood and Intake grate. Yes I will go with the new Riva air Intake when that comes out. I will most likely go with the new Riva computer also( as long as Jerry's results are good).

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    With enough mods you will have little trouble with the Ultra as long as the water is calm !!

    This might no longer be true (the mod part) by the end of 07 when the Ultras owners get to modding themselves !!


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    Still deciding on the RR impellar versus the " B kit".
    The b kit is atleast 2 mph over the rr sc impeller and more holeshot and midrange... Either way ya will be running good #'s with the rr sc impeller. Ya can make your own 4 inch air intake and get a XS power IC rr ECU and kick ass... My ski ran 79 in the heat with the rr ecu, rr sc impeller, xs ic,skegs, and the basic riva stage one... I do have the aat and rr 158 thermo kit. The exhaust stuff wont get ya speed from what we have seen... We are all stock exhaust and no block offs or sponsons... BUT it is a plumbing nightmare until ya figure it all out. Its tight as a dixie hat ban in my engine compartment but it worx now the bugs are worked out.

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    What is the p/n on the ic ?? I went to the web site but only found automotive i/c's ???

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