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    New Old Guy

    Hey folks,

    Just thought I would check in here. Some of you may know me from Pete's Sea-Doo forum or way back from "the other S-D forum" .

    Might be getting a "left over" '06 RXP,,, is $8500
    w/ x-tra 3 year warrenty a decent deal ?

    Was wondering what sort of simple (non-warrenty busting) mods. would get me above a consistant GPS 70mph. if there are any what could do that reliably w/o getting into the engine or killing the warrenty.

    Was thinking of canning the OPAS, adding a wedge and a possible Impeller re-pitch.

    Let me know what you think will work and what pitch to go with w/o sacraficing too much low end punch.


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    David, Glad to see ya around here. We could use ya!

    $8500 in my book is a awesome deal. I like the red & black 06 better than the 07 anyway. Just remember all the freebie mods you can do to it.


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    David, good to see you on the forum. $8500 for an 06 and 3 years of warranty is a good deal. There are so many mods you can do to it now it's unreal. But as you know, whether they affect warranty is up to your dealer's attitude towards mods.

    As far as some initial mods, first, get some metal washers for the SC clutch. you can order them here:

    For additional cheap speed, fill you ride plate holes with something like JB weld. Remove your prop nose cone.

    Get rid of opas and get either the Riva or RE pro series blockoffs, especially if you are going to try a wedge. Get an air intake - either Riva's or make your own. Try a 14/19 Solas prop. Jerry's skegs are also said to add a little speed and better handling.

    These are just starter mods. I'm sure you will be going much bigger very soon.

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