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    Just think, if Kawasaki wins and BRP has to "destroy" all its ski's the
    probable outcome is that everybody with get a new Ultra 250 compliments
    of SeaDoo! Of course the lawyers will get 1/3 or more of settlement so
    these ski's will come without a motor..........

    I wonder if the SC clutch washers were part of Kawa's patent infringement
    suit? Or was it super machavellian industrial dirty tricks......BRP copying
    what they thought was latest technology........! Think about it!!!!!

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    maybe its about rxp's new model coming out that we dont know?......the rxp was before the ultra 250......either way, they wont hunt me down and destroy mine

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    Several years ago Yamaha had sued Bombardier for patent infringements on PWC. One infringement had to do with the 2 piece seats. If I remember correctly, the outcome was that money exchanged hands and things seemed to remain status quo.

    BRP, the offshoot of Bombardier, is not in a financial position to be able to afford a major lawsuit loss. This might really rock the industry.


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    What? this is stupid. Maybe BRP stole the ZXI hull. Who cares.
    Lets get the party started with the 250X already....

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