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    Intercooler antifreeze protection

    Greetings everyone,
    I am winterizing my 2005 RXT myself for the first time. Following the shop manual for storage, I am at the "Intercooler antifreezing protection" section. Though it appears to be simple, I don't quite get where to pour
    6.76 oz of antifreeze into the intercooler and 10.14 oz into the manifold.
    I thought I might be able to pour the antifreeze into the bottom hose to feed the manifold, but following the steps in the manual it calls for the hose to be reconnected after draining before it says to pour. Because its my first do-it-yourself winterize, I'm really sticking to the step by step procedures throughout. (because I don't know any better yet). Maybe I'm overlooking something simple, but I sure could use some tips.

    Thanks in advance

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    I poured antifreeze into the top hose, held it up a bit so it would drain into the manifold. Then I took a short length of extra hose, connected it to the IC and poured it in.
    One of the hose clamps had to be replaced as it wasn't reusable.
    Winterizing the 4-Tec is very simple.

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    Thanks for the reply. I had considered that and now it is confirmed. I did see that the top hose connects to the manifold, not the bottom as I stated in my original post. Must of confused myself between yesterday and today.

    Thanks again

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