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    Very happy after 10 hrs with mods

    Got RR ECM, RR Intercooler, Vortech Charger Impeller with heavy duty clutch, cooler thermostat, Water box mod, opas block off's, R&D intake, pump wedge & Solas impeller with custom pitch from PPG. Ski is running right @ 8350 RPM & speedo is @ 77. With a passanger and I'm 230. Haven't tried a gps yet.

    When I first instauled the heavy duty clutch thought was having a slip problem cause I was checking it in the machine. The instructions should say to make sure to check it in a vice. Any way over shimmed it, broke apart, had to pull the motor clean the screens change a oil pump and re instaul. When doing the charger again used NEW SPRING WASHERS and slip was right around 8 ftp.

    I beleive that if instauled properly and you dont really beat the crap out of your machine you should have no problems with this combo. Would like to thank this forum for lots of info and Mark Underwood for getting me a good deal on the parts.

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    Sounds good Cutter. Man, you have one of those rare speedometers that read over 70. Most of the RXP speedos will only read 70 and no higher. I wonder why. Wish mine read over 70.

    Oh, the instructions (manual) say to lock the camshaft with the camshaft holding tool while checking the tension on the clutch. This will keep the engine from spinning and making you think your clutch is slipping

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