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    Engine code 1202. So now what?

    I was out with my ski and got the fault code 1202. Is this the famous oil pressure switch i heard about before? If so where is it located so i can replace it?

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    If I remember correctly the oil pressure switch code is 1502.
    I will check the manual and let you know.

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    Description :
    Oil tank pressure switch implausible or blow-by valve still closed.

    Possible cause:
    Damaged oil pressure switch, blow-by valve failure, damaged circuit wires, damaged connector or damaged ecm pins.

    Service Action:
    Check for 1.27 to 2.47 ohms between terminals.
    Check if TOPS is connected to wiring harness.
    Check resistance at 0 RPM and above 3500 RPM. At high RPM the resistance should be clost to 0 ohm.
    Check for 12 volts on pin 1 of blow-by valve.

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    ok got the new oil pressure switch and installed it. Lets keep our fingers crossed. It also says TOPS could be a problem, where is that located? I hear if the sensor gets turned upside down it will cause a problem. LOL i like how in the owners manual it says sensor or watercraft upside down! If your ski is upside down i think you would know why it's running funny.

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