I cannot figure out why no fuel squirts into the carbs when I squeeze the throttle. It stopped working when I aligned the oil pump (I'm now running pre-mix). I squeezed the throttle once and fuel shot into the carbs but the second time I did (so I could connect the oil pump cable), no fuel came out. I checked my manual and it says that after 2-3 times of mashing the throttle, the bowl becomes dry and fuel won't go into the carbs until I start it up again. That's not the case because I've had it running on the trailer for a while and it is still not working.

Does anyone know what I should do? The service manual isn't very helpful with diagnosing this problem. It's not the carbs since they are brand new (the problem started with the original carbs anyway) plus I replaced all the fuel lines with new ones. My slx is getting fuel since it starts up and idles fine on the trailer but the accelerator pump is not doing it's job.

Thanks in advance,