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    What is it about oil????

    That confuses so many people? I'm not referring to anything specific on here, but on all boards (mostly due to a thread on another board honestly)?

    I realize some people are not Amsoil fans, and that's fine...people are entitled to their opinions.

    But why are so many people so quick to believe their dealers about having to only run non-syn in a supercharger environment? Or in the past "you have to run XP-S or XPSII, nothing else"? I mean, aren't these the same dealers that cannot properly work on skis? The same dealers that cannot get a simple parts order correct?

    I mean, ok not everyone is interested in learning about oil and I understand that....but I just don't get some people.

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    The dealers tell you to use these oils because that's what BRP insist on, like every manufacturer out there they want you to use they're products.

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    I know why the dealers tell you to do question was why do people believe them when it comes to oil when they prove their incompetence when it comes to maintenance.

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    Some people worship the ground that their dealer walks they believe everything, fact or fiction, as the gospel truth ! I got bounced off the "other" board years ago for giving an opinion on oil....which was not only mine, but that of the tecs at Bombardier.


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