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    1996 sltx 1050 still bogging down at 4000rpm

    I have a 96 sltx with a totally rebuilt engine with oem stock parts.Done by my local Polaris dealer in Canada.the ski starts fine.once the ski is planed and I get to 4000 rpm I have to flutter the trottle to get thru the bog.the ski tops ot at 6700 rpm@58mph.when slowing down same thing 3700-4000 bog.just starts to drop of lower and lower unless you flutter.I upgraded the fuel lines from grey,I have new plugs,carb were rebuilt by dealer,new diaphragms .I have yet to chk if they mixed up the carbs/ jets.I bought a new cdi,just a stock one .but the new cdi has a grey wire that I don't no were it goes,.so I have not swapped it out.I might met ion when it bogs out and it happens to stall then even if it's hot I have to choke it slightly to restart it..I bypassed the shut off as well as the float sensor has been jumped.not to sure what to do.I'm either doin 20 mph or 58

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    Once you get the problem fixed, re-install the fuel shut-off valve, and turn it off when you are not riding. It provides an important safety function.

    It does sound like the carbs have a problem. I take it that you are unhappy with the dealer service, and just want to get it fixed yourself. Certainly I would expect a fully rebuilt engine with rebuilt carbs to behave properly!

    You should not need any choke to start a hot engine.

    The Gray CDI wire connects to the Tan terminal in the electrical box.

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    Thax I'll put in the cdi and hook it up. I agree with the you the dealer should be fixing it.they have no water access .also they said they will take a look at 50 bucks per hour... I see you are From
    Toronto. Do you no a trustworthy mechanic that can take a look. I have my sltx up 100 miles north on sixmile lake. Thanx

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    My 99 SLTX has exactly the same problem. mid range bog from about 2500 to 4500 rpm. idles fine, runs full throttle fine. Working on it today, hopefully can figure it out...

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