I just put brand new spark plugs into my machine and went to run. On the lake it was performing great for a few minutes and then bogged down on me with cylinder 3 getting really hot compared to the other two. The fuel switch was difficult to turn as it has been for a few seasons now. Cat has been removed and replaced with a D-plate and the gas was stabilized when I winterized.

Before I started to disassemble the machine I ran it and after I removed the spark plugs, cylinder three had a moderate amount of white smoke coming out but the other two didnt. I removed the stinger, intake grate/silencer. I got down to the carbs but since my fuel cock/switch is difficult to turn and have had issue with it before, does anyone think it is possible that the fuel switch is bad or even the fuel filter causing the cylinder 3 to get hot and bog the machine down? What are the most common reasons for a cylinder to overheat? I think its a carb issue because all the fuel/oil lines are good except there was some fresh looking oil near cylinder three and have no idea where this came from...? People have said that it is common for cylinder three to get hotter but I dont understand why that is? Does that mean it is being starved of oil, all my oil lines are secure? Is it advisable to put a teaspoon/tablespoon of oil into the cylinder before running just in case so I do not seize the motor? Please help