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    GP1300R running slow and rough

    I just bought a 2004 GP1300R. While it ran good at first but when i got up to full speed it sowed down on its own and is now going only 25mph at full throttle and runs really rough. I have had the plugs changed and the compression is good. Any ideas, Im new to this forum?

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    Welcome to the forum. Does it still have the cat con in the pipe?

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    Thanks, what is that?

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    As far as I know it does.

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    yeah id check the cat- it might have fallen out of place and is clogged the pipe up. also (when off) stick your hand up into the grate on the bottom of the ski and see or feel for any seaweed stuck in there.

    that was something i have just learned. it doesnt take much of seaweed to unpower your ski. check that first. then look up the d plate and why you should replace the cat

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    How will i be able to tell if the cat is messed up? It did this once before but started running again like it was a one time thing, but this last time i took it out it did fine til i went fast then like i said it goes slow and shakes and it wont go over 2000 rpms. Someone told me that it could be a fuel filter?

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    Ive checked inside and there is nothing in the jet.

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    Solo you should buy the service and repair manual, you can download from aftermarket companies or purchase the CD-ROM (thats what I did) $10-15. You can really see how these things are put together especially the exploded diagrams

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    Is it better to replace the cat or should i replace it with the d ring i have heard so much about?

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    D plate

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