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Thread: Stage 1 problem

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    Stage 1 problem

    I just finished installing my stage 1. I went to the lake tried it out. Was hitting 8100 to 8150 on the rpm. Then i had a problem with the prop. It came loose on the bearing. Put a couple of decent marks in the ring. After that i fixed the prop and went out to retest. now i can only hit 8000 to 8050 maybe 8100. Would a wear ring cause loss of rpm?

    The water and air temp were both about 65.

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    Absolutely! You need a new wear ring.

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    why did the prop spin off the shaft in the pump?

    i see this happen just last week we repaired a pump (vmans) ... the threads on the prop actually got messed up and it was loose on the shaft and was walking up and down the driveshaft and screwed up the wear ring and impeler shaft threads.

    make sure your prop is properly tightening and staying on the shaft

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    I know after the fact that i did not tighten the prop on to the pump tight enough. When fixing i put blue locktite on and tighten it down tighter than i had before. Fortunatly the threads on everything were fine but the wear ring took some abuse. I replace that later as the riding season is coming to the end for me here in wisconsin. I'm not that hardcore when it comes to the cold.

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    thought prop contantly tighting?

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