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    A quote from my Marketing textbook about PWC's.. yikes...

    I know there's one or two musclecraft left out there now, but my marketing textbook actually mentioned PWC's in a snip next to the picture of an old WaveVenture ad....

    "The baby boomer: It would be a mistake to think of the boomers as aging and staid. The personal watercraft industry has now virtually abandoned young adult consumers in favor of targeting middle-aged boomers."

    Wow.... even textbook writing nerds have noticed lol

    ps, i'm not a damn marketing major, i'm an MIS major stuck taking this class

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    yea all the kids want now is a bad ass wake boarding boat 60,000.00 and that the cheap verision i got a buddy and he paid 92,000.00

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    This is true! I know another person who boat a wakeboard boat for big duckett`s, Heh, he ran on a sandbar first time out, oh, well...PR...

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