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    How to test Stop/Kill Start switch on a 1998 SLTH 700

    Is there any easy way to test the start stop/kill switch on 1998 SLTH 700, I think it is defective. It won't crank or display work. I can bypass it and get it to work.

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    Arrow Test Start and Stop buttons (carburetor models with separate Start and Stop buttons)

    Inside the electrical box, unplug from the terminal board the Yellow/Red and Black/Yellow wires that run to the handlebar.

    Test the Lanyard switch and Stop button
    Set your multi-meter to ohms mode.
    Connect one probe of your ohm-meter to Black, and connect the other probe to the Black/Yellow wire.

    It should measure as grounded when the lanyard is removed (zero ohms measured to Black), and open circuit (infinite or near infinite meter reading) when the lanyard is inserted.

    Test the Start button
    Set the meter to DC volts mode.
    Move one probe from Black/Yellow to Yellow/Red.
    The other probe should remain on Black.

    You should measure zero or very near zero volts with the lanyard inserted.

    Now press Start. The voltage should jump up to battery voltage.

    Release Start button. The voltage should immediately collapse back to near zero volts.

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