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    2nd try on my ski

    after reinstalling the flywheel, the skii starts fine...haven't tried it in the water yet...but i run it with water from the is it normal that the 1st cylinder is hot running out of the water??ill try my skii tomorrow...

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    The front will run hotter on the hose.

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    Mine runs hotter in front on the hose. It also runs a little hotter when riding too but it is more noticeable on the hose.

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    i tried the skii this afternoon...i have a problem starting the skii in the water....i tried replacing b7 plugs...and it starts quick....then i tried running the blubbers in the mid range, suddenly the blubbers disappeared and i can already reach my high speed, when i turn the skii off, and start again, the problem occured again... i think im over with fuel...because im using a silver spring carb which is the softest of the springs...i just leave it that way so my new piston would break just wondering if its not the limp mode triggering....because i still don't know how the limp mode sounds..

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