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    PN for 6 degree wedge?

    I took out my SL with the newly installed EXT pump! and aside from the fact that something was not right( crazy rumble at brake over between Idle and planing speed) Maybe cavitation? not sure yet, I noticed there is no way you can't run a wedge! I had my trim all the way down and still the bow was high, Without trim it would have been a joke! So anyway I need to chuck a wedge in quick and I was going to order a 6 degree but can't figure out the PN or applications? TKS SZ

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    Did you check the pump alignment when you put the new one in?

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    Thanks! Same pump With the ext ring So no I did not check! also I have not needed one yet so I have not coughed up the 140.00 $ yet! but somthing was goofy I'm about ready to rip it open again this afternoon! I just would like to get the wedge on it's way! Z

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    Jay and Tony have the alignment tool from Polaris for 90 bucks right now.
    What are you using for a ride plate?
    I ran the 6 degree and it lifted the nose way too high, the 4 is perfect for my SL hull with the extended pump, R&D grate and extended ride plate..

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    Thanks 4 degree it is! As I was searching it looks like some of the nozzles have a wedge to them also? and now that u mention it! I was trimed down and my nose was high? a wedge might make it worse unless I flip it?
    I'm running an extended plate with the two removable fins if u have seen those? and an open grate the grate is soon to be replaced with this grate .Z

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    4 degree is standard Polaris stuff
    6 degree is aftermarket that's why you most likely can not find a part number.

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    Thanks! That would explain it!!!Z

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    The 4* is not enough to counter the O-pro plate trying to bury the nose. . .

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    6 degree wedge

    Polaris had the six degree wedge. They were $79 2900077 WEDGE PUMP 6 DEG. - This part has been discontinued

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    Wow the 4 degree is only 20.00

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