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    1100 ZXI won't start with start button.

    1100 ZXI won't start with start button. The bike was in the water with the ignition switch on overnight in heavy water. Since then it won't start. The ignition switch lights come on, the trim works normally and when I jump the battery to the starter cable, the engine starts right up. I put in a "new" starter solenoid from a running bike, it has a new battery and I have checked every connection - replacing the one connector that had some corrosion. Connecting the 2 Yellow/Red wires at the starter button yields nothing. The connections and all electrical connections are remarkably clean, dry, and free of corrosion compared to others that I've seen.
    Is there something else for me to check? I'm at that point that I'm wondering if the replacement starter solenoid was also bad (seems hard to imagine) or if I'm possibly missing something painfully obviously.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    im having this same issue. if anyone has any info that would be great

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    Sounds like the starter relay. Try applying 12 v to the relay coil and see if it clicks.

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    well the ski i have the y just jumped it and thats how ive been starting it right now. but i would like to get it working the right way.

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    Check your STOP switch. Had the same problem with my 96 a few years ago. The stop switch would stick open. Remove the switch housing and check the action of the stop switch. It's been awhile ago, but I think I corrected the problem by doubling up an O-ring on the back of the switch (compensated for wear). Ski started fine after that.

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    Could be the control unit box. Locate it and press the start button. Listen for a clicking inside the control unit. This is a relay that sends power to the starter relay to energize the relay. Mine would actually click but did not send the 12V to the starter relay to energize it. Had to replace the box.

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    follow the positive line from the battery to where it connects.. my zxi always loosed up there and wouldn't always start but click because that was loose.

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    take a screw driver and run it across the two prongs that come out of the electrical box that houses the starter. If it turns over, replace starter solenoid. Mine had this very same issue.

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    I'm having some troubles along this line as well as I'm trying to help out a friend with his 96' 1100 ZXI. I have traced the problem back to the ignition controls and wiring harness area. Found some previously wire nutted terminals that appear to have come apart but I need the wiring diagram to show me where these wires are supposed to go. I also have two female spade connectors that have come off of the regulator/rectifier (4 male terminals???) but don't know where the spade terminals go on that either.... Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry, feel I need to elaborate on my situation if anybody can help.... It appears my power in the wiring control box is not feeding power up to the key switch... I can see some loose wires but not absolutely sure where they went to. Further tracing and I found some makeshift wiring repairs to where the resistor below the voltage regulator is have come apart .... I don't know what terminals they came off of either.... anybody got a link to where I can see the wiring diagram?

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    where did you put your o rings? mine wont start even if the kill switch isnt touching each other the box is taken apart and i hear a clicking noise when i try to start it

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