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    Stand up ski pros and cons?

    First of all if this is in the wrong section could a moderator please move it to the correct one.

    I currently have a lightly modded 08 rxp-x but would really like to pick up a stand up ski also and start getting into freestyle. I really dont know where to start as far as which manufacturers and models to look at so any info would be appreciated. Basically just looking for a ski that I wont want to replace once I really learn how to ride. What do you guys recommend? Are there any that I should be avoiding like the plague due to design flaws like a weak hull or being prone to break downs.

    Awesome site by the way, Ive got so much good info and probably would have never touched any parts on the rxp-x without the help from info I found on here.

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    You should ask on ha ha ha

    Yamaha Superjet is very nimble and most often spoken about

    Kawasaki SXR is a nice ride, I'd pick the SXR...

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    Ive heard from a few people that the superjet is a little underpowered when compared to the sxr, any truth to that?

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    Thanks Rampage!! that was exactly the kind of info I was lookin for

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