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    Help with my problem

    I was out riding about two weeks ago. Playing around in the water and had to slow down for a no wake zone then after I pasted the zone I gunned the gas and it would only get up to about 5400rpms. I stopped the ski and checked over what I could in the water but did not find anything. Started back up and it did the same. Rode back towards the ramp and could not break
    5400rpms. Almost like it was running with only two cyclinders firing. Any advice to what might be the problem would help! Been really busy with work and just have not had the time to get into it yet. Its a 1200r with no engine moods.

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    Do a compresion check first......leave all plugs in motor ,take out one plug at a time ,test cylinder,replace plug,go to next one...make sure starter turns motor over at least 400 back to forum.

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    Check compression, replace all 3 spark plugs with new ones. It could be a broken reed, remove 1 spark plug wire at the time when idling or running and see if one of them does not make a difference

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    thanks guys will try to get to it tomorrow.

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