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    2003 gp1300r NO FUEL IN CYL #3

    Hey guys! New to the site. Just purchased two skis this springs a 2000 gp1200r and a 2003 gp1300r. I pulled the carbs on the 1200 and rebuilt them and it runs like a top. Now the 1300 is getting no fuel to the rear cyl. or cyl #3. I own a motorcycle repair shop and know a lot about bikes,sleds,atvs you name it. I just dont know much about ski's as these are the first that I have ever owned. I would have thought the carbed 1200 would have been more of a hassle but seems the fuel injected 13 is more of a pain. Thank you very much for your time. So glad I found the site.

    Mike (East Hampton, New york)

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    i have a 1200 and know nothing about the efi skis, but i would imagine your fuel delievery is good since the other two are getting fuel..maybe the injector? unless someone else chimes in try swapping it out with another one and see if you still have the problem in number 3.. there might be some kind of screen in the injector also that could be clogged

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