im thinking the worst..but bay was loaded with grass fields drifting everywere and i wound up flying thru one and it got all jamed up in the prop.i dident want to get in the water with all the grass and land was a ways a way so i tipped it back and forth as i couldent go over 6 mph and my rpms were up there at that speed.after the grass was clear i jumped in and pulled it all out climbed on and it ran great.met up with some friends at the beach chilled with them.then started up great then about 10 min into riding it was acting like a carb problem like it was stalling when i pinned it but if i let off it whould idle i shut it down and jumped in to clear the grass but it had nothing stuck so i jumped on and it wont start.sounds like it locked up.u hear it try but it wont.were should i start looking.tomorrow after work i am gona pull the plugs and see if it turns over.but if not what else to look 4.thanks