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    More 750 questions....

    Got my clymer manual and now discovered the cooling rail has a thermostat..... well, mine hasnt...
    is it needed or do people remove them to make the engine run cooler?
    Bloody thing has loads of parts missing

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    T-stat helps it run warmer! What year are you again? some people who boat in fair temps remove them! and just let it warm up before you WOT! Z

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    Mines the 94 SLT, I thought it may have been taken out to help keep it cooler, but i also have a hose inlet for dry running, and this would be useless as the hose supply from a tap would just drain staight out the downpipe to outlet.. unless i block it of course...
    (remember... England is cold most of the time.. lol)

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    You are fine running without the T-stat. You are correct that when flushing/Running on the hose that you have to crimp or block off the water hose exiting from the T-stat. I use a needle nose vice grip on the hose. (Dont forget to remove the clamp and run it in the water)I forgot once and instant HOTTT It ran the best it ever had untill it blew the head gaskets.LOL!!!!

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    You have the pop off installed or is that out as well?

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    Usually you run it if the water is cold. Not sure exactly what "cold" is, but i don't run one, but the coldest water I run in is about 65F. Otherwise it won't get up to operating temp, and run poorly.

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    there is no pop off valve in there either... its totally empty

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    i dont want to make sound like im dumb or anything but what's the pop off valve?

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    # 18 is a spring loaded device that restricts water flow until the pressure of the pump from the engine RPM's overcomes it usually just above idle !

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    Not a biggie if its missing then.. its not like the ski will be left at idle for a long time..

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