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    question about carbs/fuel pump on 95 STS 750

    I took apart the carbs, cleaned out the jets etc and replaced the lines because the customer decided to re-run the lines incorrectly, cutting them etc...

    Anyways the pump has a "pulse" connection in it that goes to the upper part of the crankcase...and no matter how hard I try to blow air through the line (by mouth) I cannot get it to give or take air...

    -is that normal?
    -I know by blowing on a line I can't humanly deliver more than a few that the issue?
    -How can I tell if the pump is good or bad? I don't want to run lean or run zero fuel to a piston and smoke this new motor.



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    Try grounding the spark plug wires and cranking the engine. See if you can feel the pulses on the line.

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